Safe Batch

A sophisticated, integrated web ERP Solution (works on cloud and customer server) supports TAX invoice. It covers all financial and distribution functions. It provides a secured and efficient business cycle that fulfill ease of use with the control and system integrity.

Provides a batch based distribution system that facilitate (FIFO-LIFO) inventory model besides a batch based costing and weighted average cost. It contains also, a single step manufacturing (produce for sales or produce for stock) module. In addition, Safe Batch provides date expiry follow up mechanism. A smart purchase, stock, and sales functionality differentiates between services, product, and row material items.

Target Customers

  • Commercial and distribution companies working deals with date expiry materials.
  • Companies that want to work with the concept of first in, first out (or last in first out) stock.
  • Factories that carry out a one-stage production process.
  • The Production model can be expanded into a multi-stage according to customer demand.

System Modules

General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Payables, Receivables ,Cash Box Management, Material Purchase, Material Sales, Stock Control, Production Module, Tax declarations.