Safe Block

A specialized, cement blocks and readymade concrete production and supply (works on cloud and customer server). It covers contracting, sales agreement, shipment order, delivery scheduling and receiving process. It generates delivery schedule based on item quantity, truck load, and trip time.  It issues individual delivery invoice or collective invoices. It manages customer and locations accounts.

It is fully integrated with Safe Pack and Safe Batch financial systems.

Target Customers

  • Cement blocks production and delivery companies.
  • Ready-made concrete production and delivery companies.

System Modules

Supply: Sales agreement – Shipment order – Delivery schedule – Delivery order – Returns and Scrap.

Sales: Customers – Locations – Issuing invoices – Receipts and Collection.

Reports: Driver revenue statistics – Driver trip cost statistics – Truck revenue – Goods supplied and remaining – Customer and location statement.

Integrated with Safe Pack and Safe Batch financial systems.